Q. How do you make clear ice?
A. Of all the questions we're asked, this is the most frequent. Tap water runs through a filtration system and is then kept in motion during the freezing process.

The most important part of this process is keeping the water moving while the ice freezes. The basic concept behind clear ice is...moving water freezes clear.

Q. How long does a sculpture last indoors vs. outdoors?
A. A standard single block ice sculpture will last 5 to 7 hours in a climate controlled environment (approximately 72 degrees.)

For outdoor events, there are many climate factors that can change this length of time such as, sunlight, temperature, wind, humidity, and rain. We suggest that any sculpture set outside should be covered by an awning or tent to protect it from these conditions.

Q. How much notice do you need for an ice sculpture order?
A. To assure availability on a specific date, you should order as early as you can. Certain holiday/wedding dates can fill up quickly, but don’t hesitate to call us because you think you are too late to order a sculpture.

We prefer to have about a month notice, but we have filled same day orders.

Q. How long do they take to create?
A. This is a matter of intricacy. Some sculptures can take 2 to 3 hours to finish. Other sculptures; those requiring our specialty painting process for instance, can take days.

We do not rest until we feel that we have provided the absolute finest quality for each and every sculpture. It doesn't matter to us if its custom or not. All our sculptures matter to us.

Q. What is the size of a regular sculpture?
A. A standard one block sculpture measures 20” wide x 40” high x 9” thick and weighs approximately 200 lbs. A one block logo measures approximately 35” wide x 35” high x 4” thick and weighs approximately 200 lbs.

A half block sculpture measures approximately 18” wide x 30” high x 4” thick and weighs approximately 100 lbs. All sculptures vary in size and weight depending on design.

Q. How much does a sculpture cost?
A. Our prices vary by sculpture. Some of our basic sculptures sell for a couple hundred dollars, and other sculptures sell for several thousand. Just give us a call for any quote on a specific display.

Q. What does your set-up service provide?
A. We suggest setting up a sculpture up about 1 hour prior to your guests arriving. Our standard sculpture tray needs 2 ft x 2 ft of table space and our large tray needs 4 ft x 2 ft of table space.

Our set-up includes the equipment to display the sculpture (tray, light, drain bucket, and hosing.) We do not supply tables, cloths, skirting, etc. You need to arrange for a table (clothed and skirted) and a nearby electrical outlet for our light.
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